David Hockney | Alan Cristea Gallery

Sell-out shows seem to be de rigeur in 2012, with the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy already limiting its ticket sales.  Running in parallel with the RA exhibition, Alan Cristea are showing a number of Hockey lithographs made in the 1980's, in collaboration with the American master printer Ken Tyler.

Neither the new highly technical landscape offerings we shall see at the RA - nor the Hockney's from late 1960's California that I personally favour - these prints mark a particular point in the career of both artists.  Although they feel a little lost in time, they are highly collectible precisely because of that.  The Moving Focus collection was intended to question the viewer's pre-conceptions of fixed-viewpoint paintings, and allow a number of different perspectives within each piece. Visitors should look at The Tyler Dining Room, Pembroke Studio Interior and The Perspective Lesson in particular.

As the Hockney exhibition is already selling out, at least here you will be able to see prints up close and personal, and without being crushed.  Do also take an opportunity to go next door to the other gallery, where there's an example of Andy Warhol's Electric Chair, and some other notable prints.

Alan Cristea Gallery
31 & 34 Cork St,
London W1S 3NU