Opera Gallery | Art and the Luxury Market

Jean-David Malat has an unashamedly shrewd eye for the business of art, and the art of business. Director of the Opera Gallery in London, he has a knack of identifying new artists and divining what will sell. Hot on the heels of February's record breaking modern and contemporary art sales at Sotheby’s and Christies, Jean-David has put together a show designed to question our very understanding of commerciality in art.

The most exquisite Monet I've ever seen, at Christies, King Street, London

Update: Alas I didn't win the Euromillions, and my little Monet sold for £2,393,250 / $3,781,335

On Tuesday 7th February 2012 Christies will hold its Impressionist / Modern painting sale. Included are a Pissaro, three Degas', a variety of Henry Moore's paintings and sculptures, several Picasso's and one particularly exquisite Monet, Le bras de Jeufosse, automne.